The Date That S…

The Date That Started It All

Last night I went on my first date. In 14 years. It may be another 14 years before I do it again.

My date was a doctor. Correction: surgeon. I think I should have started with a paper boy.
On my drive home, as I replayed in my mind every excruciating moment, I had a feeling that I’d broken every dating rule ever written. So when I arrived home, I went to http://www.godthisisawkward at I read in horror the long list of “dating don’ts.” Sure enough, I had unwittingly committed nearly every one:

1. Do not talk about your ex-spouse on a first date. I practically told my ex’s life story: his terrible childhood, his resultant baggage, his brilliant mind, and the fact that, although he is my ex, we’re still good friends and I love him. At this point, I’m sure my date was trying to determine how long it would be before my ex and I were back together…unless he was too busy looking for the restaurant’s emergency exit. Thankfully, I left out the part about my ex having intimacy issues and all that that implies. How I managed to contain this part of the story, I have no idea. I must have actually let my date speak.

2. Do not mention sex. Well, technically, I did not break this rule, as I believe this means you’re not supposed to say you’d like to have sex on the first date. But here’s the rub: since my job involves teens and their everyday challenges, when my date asked what the research shows, I could have mentioned peer pressure, drinking or drugs. But instead I mentioned the trend of girls giving boys oral sex as routinely as we used to French kiss. Only I didn’t say “oral sex,” I said “blow jobs.” Talk about polite dinner conversation! According to, this is grounds for an end to any date, unless you’re actually offering said blow job. I don’t think I scored any extra points in the lady-like department when I tried back-pedaling, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for oral sex.” Although my date did perk up a bit after that.

3. Ladies should not drink beer. Now, I don’t necessarily look like I drink beer (I may have the Contour CoreBeltTM to thank for that!) and I don’t knock ‘em back, by any means. But I do love an ice-cold crisp light beer. It has been my drink of choice ever since I snuck into my first bar. I don’t drink wine, like I’ve always been told ladies should. So, on my first date after my divorce, not only did I drink a beer, I explained that the café we were patronizing used to carry a fabulous beer that is no longer available due to the fact that the brewery — which had been owned by a woman – recently shut down and I was disappointed because it was one of the best-tasting beers I had ever had and if I could, I would buy that brewery. I said it all without a breath, just like it reads here. At which point my date said, naturally, “Oh, you really know your beers.” I don’t think he meant it as a compliment.
4. Do not talk about marriage. I have no idea why my date asked me what makes a good marriage, since I had recently decided that marriage pretty much kills a relationship. (By the way, there is no rule about trashing marriage; the website must feel that this is so obvious it need not be mentioned. Obviously, they were wrong.) I think this is one of those Miss America-type questions, where I should have talked about saving the world and feeding the hungry. Instead, coming from the marriage I was in (see number 1 above), the first thing I said was “sexual compatibility.” My date said surely I meant the greater good of intimacy and closeness. I guess that was his Miss America response. But I was steadfast in my answer. After a while, my senses returned and I remembered to mention trust, respect and the true number-one for me, sense of humor. So maybe he thought I was kidding all along. One can only hope.

5. Do not reveal your shortcomings. Does this even need to be said? Apparently to me it does. Toward the end of the evening, it became apparent that I am geographically challenged. In fact, I can sum up the entire date in a single word: Okinawa. You see, my date was very well-traveled and we talked about the places he’d been. At one point, the noise level rose just as my date said that one of his favorite places was “Nawa.” That’s all I heard: “Nawa.” I asked, “Where?” If only I had asked, “What?” And he said, dryly, “Okinawa. You know, in Pearl Harbor?” Which I translated to mean: “You actually graduated college?” I nodded with a knowledgeable look, but my head was swimming: geography AND world history in the same sentence? (The High School basketball coach taught history.) By now, the notion of excusing myself and crawling out the ladies room window was looking like my best bet. FYI: I Googled Pearl Harbor later that night. Pearl Harbor is not in Okinawa. So now I’m wondering if he’s slapping himself on the head going, “How dumb am I? Did I actually say Pearl Harbor is in Okinawa?” Maybe we both sum up the date with that one word…
6. Do not kiss good night on the first date. Gotcha. You don’t actually think I got close to breaking this rule, do you? Instead, I did the awkward shaking hands with my non-handshaking hand thing. It was like I was possessed by my grandmother. Needless to say, there was no “I hope to see you again.” It wasn’t until I got into my car that I realized I hadn’t taken a breath for the past three hours. Surely the lack of oxygen was responsible for my geeky behavior? If I had only passed out, the evening would have gone much better.
First dates after a divorce are awkward, scary, sometimes nausea-inducing. We think we’re not pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough, worthy enough. You are more than enough! It takes courage to get out there, and a hefty dose of confidence (and maybe a little crazy on the side). You can do it, and I’ll be cheering you on! In the meantime, have a laugh and learn about fitness you can do while you’re surfing the online dating sites!


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October 19, 2011 · 11:19 am

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  1. I love it! I’m a beer-drinking, potty-mouthed, loose-lipped person pretty much all the time (except in print) so I can totally relate! I can only say that I’m glad I started dating someone I’d already known for five years. He knew how I was and didn’t mind a good discussion about Red Stripe and Medalla Light and teenagers, so I didn’t have to look anywhere else. 🙂 If I had, though, I’d have been right there with you!!!

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