Ginger Emas is the author of Back on Top: Fearless Dating After Divorce, kind of a Sex and the City meets I Love Lucy.

She is a freelance corporate writer and formerly: the national web editor of skirt! magazine; a divorce blogger on Huffington Post; and host of Book Talk with Ginger on America’s Web Radio. Her work has been featured in skirt! magazine; more.com magazine; Date Night Magazine; lovingyou.com; sharewik.com and more. She has been featured on Good Day Atlanta, Great Day St. Louis, South Florida Today and radio programs across the country. Through this blog she muses on dating tales and trends, single-parenting, life’s zanier moments — all through the lens of humor, hilarity and hope.

“I’ll write about  I know: the experiences of a divorced working mom who only a few years ago was baffled by the terms “MILF,” “Cougar” and “A/S/L/P” and who is doing her best to stay sane while co-parenting with my ex to raise our teenage son.  I will write about my previous dating escapades as well as my current relationship with a man significantly younger than I am. I will share stories from the women and men I continue to interview for their takes on dating after divorce, and the grace with which so many people handle difficult transitions. I’ll tell stories of my ex and me, and the well-worth-it benefits of developing a true friendship. And most of all, I’ll cheer you on, I’ll applaud your efforts, and I’ll try to make you laugh so hard you snort a little and forget about your worries for a while.


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I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember, inspired by my 7th grade English teacher who was a dead ringer for Barbra Streisand in The Main Event. Sometimes it only takes one person to believe in you and motivate you for the rest of your career… I began mine in Charlotte, NC, working for IBM, first as a magazine writer and then, as an editor, speechwriter and scriptwriter.  After six years I moved to Atlanta. I told everyone I was moving because I wanted to open my own communications firm, but the truth was, I had dated all of the eligible young men in the tri-city Mecklenburg area, and I needed a larger pool.

Which leads me to my topic.  I’m the author of the helpful, hopeful and self-deprecating hilarity, Back on Top: Fearless Dating After Divorce.  After 13 years of marriage (and 14 years of couples’ therapy) I became the first person in my family’s history to divorce. I may have lost a husband, but I believe I saved our family.  Suddenly single, I thought I’d simply pick up where I left off nearly two decades earlier – but while I was changing diapers, the dating world had gone to the wolves – and apparently, the cougars.

My first date after my divorce was excruciatingly awkward. When I got home that night, I did what writers do — I wrote about it. Finding both the humanity and humor in that first date kept me from a life of nunnery. That story was published in a women’s magazine, along with several more of my dating escapades over the course of my first year of divorce.  The publisher of the women’s magazine asked me to write a book.  And that’s how Back on Top was born.

During the writing, I interviewed dozens of men and women and realized that we all love to talk about love — the beginning of it, the pursuit of it, the end of it, the meaning of it. I also saw that there was a lot of uncertainty about dating “rules,” online etiquette, dating with kids, dating safety, when to have sex (if we’d ever have sex again) — none of us who were dating again seemed to have a clue!

So I took it upon myself to learn and share.

Beyond the humor and advice, I think my stories offer women acceptance and validation. There’s no judging from me, because I’ve been there, too! Today I lead post-divorce dating workshops where I hear stories that many women have never spoken about before because they feel a sense of failure … they think they made a mistake, or didn’t try hard enough, or went too wild or not wild enough, and that they’ll be judged. My goal is to support women the best way I can, and often that’s through the lens of laughter. It’s how I’ve always tip-toed through challenges.



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